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Sunday, 31 January 2010

DFA Weeeeeeek!

Yes that's right I thought to celebrate the news (although fans knew this long ago) of Lcd Soundsystem's new record being recorded, I thought I would celebrate by blogging all that's wonderful about probably the best label (yep... I am a massive Ed Banger but DFA fanboy since 04' baby!) of modern times. So to kick off I thought I would slowly ease you into the celebrations (which officialy start tommorow by the way) with what inspired me to celebrate DFA; the video posted on the Lcd Soundsystem website a few days ago:

clip 1 from lcd soundsystem on Vimeo.

If you have ears and a good selection of musical taste buds, you, like me, will be so excited by this! I have no idea how this week will turn out but it's going to happen so keep checking back and we can enjoy this journey together.

As a little treat here is a fine piece of DFA's finest ever offering (and co founder/ nearly Seinfeld writer) Lcd Soundsystem:

lcd soundsystem- Tribulations


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sucer DANSER!!!

Hello blog!
Not really posted anything of great interest the past couple of days so I thought I would post about me. More to the point, my music. I go by the name of SucerDanser (yes, named after the Oizo song). I have recorded music before under the name of Audio Smut but I hate that name. The music I make may not be music to some, if not a lot of people. My influences range from the analogue sounds of the late 70's, the heavy synth based music of the 80's (especially round the year 1984), the strangeness of Oizo and the rawness of artists such as Venetian Snares and Errorsmith.

My setup is actually rather simple. All I have is a Korg Micro X and Garage Band. Although, the sounds on Garage Band are always heavily manipulated and edited so that it loses the stock sound. I have come up with some interesting sequences and effects through my experimentation. All the music recorded is improvised so it's almost a really rough sounding piece when it's finished but I'm not looking to be a big ass producer. I am really interested in different sounds and how far you can push the limits of electronic music.

Below is a video of one of my improv pieces. I have received good feedback about this. Benni also pointed out that it similar to Oizo and Errorsmith's Erreur Jean which actually made me smile a lot!

I am also presenting to you a recorded version of another improv which features similar sounds and a few really exciting sounds that I hope you enjoy:

SucerDanser- ssssss

So like I said, it's nothing amazing and I'm not gonna change the face of music but I like it, this stuff is just another path that I'm cautiously walking along in my life. So feel free to give me your opinion and check out my Youtube account, I have to say there is some good stuff!


Friday, 22 January 2010

.acdx now on Youtube!

Yes..... the time has come. I finally have started producing content on the good old Youtube! Let me just tell you that the videos on there are quite low quality but I think they go with the car crash style of my content. Keep looking on there because I will probably post everyday.

So in true Youtube form:



Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Rapture- Sister Saviour (2004)

Just a quick post. I was trying to get to sleep (yeah, I figured an early night was in order) so I was listening to my i pod as I do every night before sleepies. I was just chilling listening to some good old Bibio (that's surely a post to be) and then all of a sudden the amazing DFA dub (NOW THAT IS A POST I'M ACTUALLY PREPARING PROPERLY) of this already amazing song kicked in. For those who haven't guessed, I am talking about my personal favourite Rapture song; Sister Saviour. So I remembered that I came across the CDM of this song on another blog. I thought I would share with you this amazing single. We have the radio edit (which as far as radio edits of songs go... this is a good one), we have the Black Strobe Remix (that shit is hot!), the Tiefschwarz Secret Sister Remix (Not had to chance to listen to this the whole way through but a definite listen!) and the DFA Dub and DFA Vocal Remixes (which just fucking blow my mind, if there was a God, I'm sure James Murphy would be him.... and Tim of course!). Altogether this is an amazing single for when The Rapture where not singing about Ben's sex life (oooo that's a good reference!). So please enjoy this amazing piece of music history.

The Rapture- Sister Saviour CDM


.acdx loves Benni!

(Note: that kinda sounds gay from the title but bare with me)

Ladies and gentleman I present to you a close friend of mine; Benni. Benni is no stranger to my blog. For those of you who are aware, Benni is part of the PartyOrDie team. Aside from having a great taste in music and style, Benni also has creative talents! Not only is Benni an up and coming DJ on the (local house) party scene but he is also a nice little designer. OK, he might not be a big DJ but he definitely has the talent (judging from various stickam DJ sets and mixtapes) and I bet you he will doing some small clubs, if not more, by the end of this year.

That stuff is for another post. This post is dedicated to his other talent; design. Benni has only been designing for a small amount of time really but already he has designed some awesome pieces.

As you can see from the pieces I am showing in this post, Benni has already shown a wide range of styles. His work takes a lot of inspiration from jeremyville, to SO ME via Gapirator and lots of other great talents in between. I'm really excited by Benni's work because I know from experience when you first start out on your path to design stardom you try experimenting with different styles and if from what i have seen so far, when he eventually finds his style, you know it's going to be super!

I get excited whenever I get to see Benni's designs in progress because I know whatever he is producing, it is going to be a fun and interesting design. I hope you like some of the work I have put on show here and I would appreciate (and I'm sure he will be thankful) it if you would check out more of his work on his myspace page. For all of you who like good music, Benni has recently announced that PartyOrDie will be producing podcasts soon of all the best music from each week, so look out for more information on the PartyOrDie blog (in my blogroll).



Saturday, 16 January 2010

Putsch '79- Putsch

Now have I got a treat for you! Uncle Pete (sorry TNUC) has treated you again... yep that's right, not only do you sit on my lap and have some of my Werther's Originals (OK that's more of a grandad thing I know), I am also presenting you with an awesome album! Before we go on, let me first tell you a little bit about these guys:

Putsch '79 is Sami Liuski and Pauli JylhÀnkangas. They were born in eastern Finland at a town called Sotkamo in year... Yeah you guessed it, 1979. Nowadays Sami lives down at Helsinki and Pauli lives up in Sotkamo. Sami and Pauli have known each other since high school where they both got interested in electronic music. They started their musical careers by playing guitar and toying around with computer music software.

(Thank you Myspace)

So yeah, I thought I would share with you their 2004 debut album from the Rotterdam based Clone label. This album was so hard for me to find. I had been looking for this album for absoloutley ages, so I thought I would save anyone else who is a fan the hassle by posting this brilliant collection of songs! People who do not know Putsch '79 you should download this album too (but I'm not a happy bunny because you should have at least heard one of their remixes by now!). There is not really a lot for me to say about this album apart from that it's just a pleasurable listen! It's groovy, it's mellow.... if you are fans of old Juan Maclean and good house and even the likes of lindstrom (yeah I know I didn't do the fancy cross through the o like it should be!), this will be a great treat for you (oh I forgot to mention Metro Area, silly me!).

Putsch '79- Putsch

Putsch '79 Myspace


Thursday, 14 January 2010

A pointless post of DJ sets and mixtapes!

Hey there.

I was sorting out my i tunes and realised that I had a lot of DJ sets and mixtapes taking up a lot of space so because I have literaly no social time... I decided to burn every single one on to a CD haha. Why am I telling you this? Well I thought I would make a big list of all the sets that I have and if anyone wants a copy of one the sets I can upload it to mediafire and send it to to you because I am such a nice guy and I like the idea of sharing good music with you all!

Metro Area- Bodytonic 009
Lindstrom- FACT Mix 100
Modeselektor Live (08/09/2004)
Mr. Flash- Monsieur Sexe
Mr. Oizo- Live At Petrol Antwerp
ParraSoundsystem- FlageTits
Trevor Jackson- Good For Nothing Party Mix
Zombie Nation- Time Machine Mix Pt. 1
Zombie Nation- Live at Electronic Sessions
Errorsmith- Le Trilliardaire
Squarepusher Live (29/09/2006)
Lindstrom Live @ The Big Chill
Kidsupreme- May Mix
Kidsupreme- Summer Madness 09
Kidsupreme- Revolution Mix
Kidsupreme Spring Break Mix
Kidsupreme- April Mix
Kidsupreme- Mix 1
Justice- Rejected Fabric Mix
Breakbot- Dance On Glass Mix
DJ Hell- Teufelswerk CD2
Aeroplane- Beats In Space 09/29/09 Part 2
A-TRAK- Running Man
Benni- Fix Your Ears Mixtape (actually, download that from the PartyOrDie blog, show him some love!)
Holy Ghost- HG! Remixes Volume 1 Mixtape Side A + B
DJ Mehdi- Les Loukmos

OK so there you have it!
So feel free to get in contact with me if you want any of the sets in the list!


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Topman Selling Leggings For Boys!?

Hey fellow people of the blogasphere (OK two things, I don't know if that is the right spelling and secondly, it seems that only a select few read this, most notably; Ollie! So thank you miss!). I just thought I would share something interesting with you. Now many of you may already know of what I am going to talk about but it's just another reason why I personally cannot stand Topman! OK I will admit, Topman is good for jeans and accessories (even some rather nice suits but we shall forget about that because I am fat. Therefore, I look horrible in suits). I don't like the new trends popping up there, I don't like the *kooky* t- shirts and sweaters they sell and I seriously cannot stand most of the people I see shopping/ working there. You might not agree with me here but I think Topman is not only a boring shop for the fashionably ignorant (the sort of people who buy clothes to fit in and what not) but I personally think it has become a parody of itself! However, I digress so let me get to my point:

Observe the picture above. Yes they might look like a harmless pair of trousers but they hold a dark secret. They are in fact as the title suggest. men's knitted leggings! You might be thinking *Peter! You're making a big deal! They look fine to me!* That may very well be the case but upon closer inspection (I just had to show my friends these when we where shopping last week) they are foul. Seriously. I might be one to talk because I wear Topman's Spray On Skinny Jeans and they are kinda like jeggins (I think that's the name for jean leggings lol) but they still are jeans and not leggings!

Items like this do make me wonder. Where is fashion going? Are we slowly drifting towards the silly side of fashion? Am I just making a big fuss over nothing? The idea of men's leggings as fashion annoys me. Don't get me wrong, you wear what you want. I just feel that this is a stupid idea. I do however see a good side to this. It shows not only a fashionable but social change. We are becoming more liberal with our ideas and our taste.

I could have read too much into a piece of clothing but think about it. We have already had a movement of metrosexuality. We are now seeming to have a more effeminate social change.

Interesting times indeed Captain Kirk, interesting times indeed!

That is all, fashion theory is dismissed for this post so listen to this song as a treat for having to listen to me talk about a pair of mens leggings.


Jackpot- Jungle Gym

Monday, 11 January 2010

.acdx The Atheist: Part 1

Hey guys!

So yes! I have gone corporate. I decided to put Adsense on my blog to hopefully generate a little bit of revenue and to basically say thank you to Google for letting us have this blogging service for free! That isn't the reason for this post!

To let the people who don't know me/ know of me get to know me (wow I could word this better) a little bit better I thought I would share with you my beliefs. I am an Athiest. I won't get into much detail about when I realised and stuff like that, that will be another time. No, this is my mission statement of you like about my beliefs and my thoughts on religion.

This is taken from a bulletin I posted on Myspace but I doubt I will get much debate sparking over there so I thought I would post it here:

I'm not one of those atheist's you see who is attack, attack, attack!

OK I might not believe in what I consider a fairytale but I'm not going to attack you on your beliefs. That goes into a totally different subject of free thinking and freedom of speech. That is your (you could say god given) right as a human being to do what you want, say what you want, believe what you want... and so on.

I might laugh at your beliefs but I (like the majority of atheists), respect people for what they are, not their beliefs or opinions.

I would never go out my way to physically or mentally harm (OK Fundamenalist Islamic extremists maybe) you.

We are not like you. We do not believe what we have been told to believe. We do not spread the words of hatred in our streets. We do not attack you. That is what you do. Violence is part of any religion. You literally fight for your beliefs. You kill. You harm. You destroy. We listen. We look around us.

Technically we are all atheists. Religious people choose a god to believe in and any other variation, you try to disprove everyone else's God. Think about that.

So like I said, you are a friend of mine if you treat me like an individual. What you believe should not dictate the company you keep. Don't get me wrong, I like to debate, I like to prove you wrong but I am not going to be a dick about it. I won't swear my head off, I won't threaten you.

That is all I have to say.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Update! 11/01/2010

Hey gang!... What!? That's cheesy now!? Jeeeeez!

Ha ha I did a funny. It always helps to open up with a joke! Well, apart from a funeral service but yeah. So this post is really just a little bit of an update about the world of .acdx

To kick things off, I now have a Youtube account. There are no videos up there yet and probably won't be for a few weeks as I do not have a camera. I might make a quick intro video with the camera on my Macbook but I won't be starting properly until I get my i Phone. The channel will be full of videos of me just speaking my mind on certain subjects, probably some outdoor-esque vlogging, design videos... etc... etc. So I will post here when that is underway!

Another thing is about current projects in the works. I am currently designing my first T-shirt. I still need to find some good printers and stuff so again, more info nearer the time. I am in the middle of designing my website with my friend Adam (who is kindly building me a website for free for his uni project, thank you Adam!) so when that is coming together I will post some screenshots of work so far. Finally, I am currently in talks with my friend Natalie from California about joining her fashion blog she will be setting up with some of her hot Cali friends! Hopefully my good chum Benni from PartyOrDie will be on board too!

On a personal level, not the happiest I have been but I am already happier than I was last year, I am seeing friends more often so it's all good but the bummer for me is that I am back at Uni next week so let's hope that stuff does not affect the good stuff!

So yes, just thought I would update the blog. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog. It isn't much now I know but hopefully the time you waste here is gonna be worth it soon!

Thanks again,

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Threnody... BACKLASH!

This genius has been at the centre of a whole clusterfuck of controversy recently. If you are culturally aware of the goings on within electronic music you will probably know why. If you don't know, allow me to lift that rock off your back and explain what's going on. A few days a go certain blogs got their greasy mits on a leaked SebastiAn track which I believe was ripped from the Ed Banger 2010 promo CD (tut tut who did that, you're supposed to be a close friend of the Ed Banger family! You fiend you! Ha ha). The song in question is a 13 minute and 9 second production from the ever surprising, SebastiAn. If you have heard this amazing piece of production, you will know that the first 10- 11 minutes is a slowly building up, distortion, ear killingly epic introduction and the last minute or so is a typical SebastiAn cut and paste production.

The reason why I am posting this is because I am genuinely pissed off. I am pissed off the backlash that SebastiAn and Ed Banger have received for this song. A blog I thought I could trust known as TooManySebastian's (yeah I'm not linking you to that shit!) even got on the bandwagon criticising the intro. OK they are not as harsh as otter blogs and people but I don't know their lack in taste shows sometimes. Ed Banger have even had to reassure *fans* that this production will not feature on SebastiAn's debut LP out later this year (let's hope sooner than later). I personally think this song is one of SebastiAn's best tracks to date. It's almost like a middle finger to the fakes who think they know electronic music but only like the mainstream stuff. I first heard this song back in November when he used it as the first song in his set at the Warehouse Project. It excited me then and when I first heard the actual song I got excited all over again.

I am not going to post the edited version or the shortened version (which is stupidly named the good version) because they are crap in comparison. Maybe I am biased because I like the music of Errorsmith and Venation Snares for their interesting takes on music. Stuff like this SebastiAn track appeal to me more than the emotionless *club banger* that we hear ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

So enjoy this beautiful piece of wizardry!

SebastiAn- Threnody