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Friday, 23 July 2010

Lovesploitation Volume 1!

So if you don't already know, I have cancelled Oizo Week purely because dedicating time to purely the blog with my current situation (creating design packs whilst having no money, whilst trying to find a job) just was not possible. Fear not though my friends, I am sure when the time is right, we can finish where we left off with that so look out for the next installment of Oizo Week in the hopefully near future. I do apologise and I hope all my readers (probably a select few) will forgive me. You are probably wondering what this post is going to be from "Mr. Has No Time To Blog Yet He's Blogging Now!". Well, let me explain! I have been wanting to do this post for a hell of a long time and I have a few hours I can spare so might as well take this window and show face with a new post. This is almost an apology as it is a normal post. Today is time for another compilation of songs hand picked by yours truly and as you might have worked out from the title; it has something to do with exploitation films... but what is Lovesploitation I don't hear you asking? Let me explain...

I love exploitation cinema. I love the cult classics. I hate the mainstream film business. Bring back the animatronics and fuck CGI. OK some films need CGI but come on, Transformers a classic? NO! Bring back the directors who actually ideas and stories to tell. Where are our Bruno Mattei's? Where are our Lucio Fulci's? Long live George .A. Romero still making great zombie films. What has happened to great story telling and directors bordering on taste. Tarintino, I salute you! Films are shit now. I want Cannibals, I want zombies, I want exploitation flicks that aren't shit straight to DVD student projects. YOU SEE MY POINT! I could rant on and tell you my favourite films but hey, that's for another blog. Today is a celebration of one of the famous aspects of exploitation/ cult flicks from yesteryear... the soundtrack.

A soundtrack makes or breaks a film for me. A soundtrack can make a bad film good. A soundtrack can make a good film great. A soundtrack can make you ignore the film and concentrate on the music. I present to you the first in a series of compilations celebrating the music of some great classics. Wether it be blacksploitation, zombie flicks, vintage porn, sexploitation, nazisploitation... it doesn't matter. If the jam is killer, it goes on the compilation. The compilation today is called Lovesploitation #1. This is celebrating all songs sexy or lovely. With the slow funk jams from Blacksploitation cinema, some love songs from zombie flicks, a couple of tracks from Deepthroat and more to mention, this compilation is cheesy, romantic, sexy and overall, enjoyable. Here is a track by track rundown for all you cool cats:

1. Fabio Frizz- Ann & Peter (From Zombi 2)
We start off with a lovely little gem from the amazing soundtrack to the amazing film; Zombi 2. Just a short song to introduce what you can expect from the rest of the soundtrack.

2. Goblin- Zombie (Sexy) (From Dawn Of The Dead)
The first song of probably many by the amazing band Goblin. This is from the original Dawn Of The Dead (or as I like to call it; the best film ever made). This is actually from the Argento cut of the film, which if you have seen the original and haven't seen this cut, go see it. This song is a smooth, sexy jazz number.

3. Curtis Mayfield- Give Me Your Love (From Superfly)
This is the classic love track from the blacksploitation flick; Superfly. Written by the amazing Curtis Mayfield who wrote the whole soundtrack for this great film. Forgive if I'm wrong but is this song taken from the bath scene? It's just a nice slow funky ballad and the first of many songs from a blacksploitation film that will feature in the sploitation series.

Unknown- Saxy (From Deep Throat)
The first of 2 songs taken from the classic porn flick; Deep Throat. Not only is this film controversial because it's a hardcore porn flick (yep, lot's of pubic hair throughout this film, so much you find yourself coughing up imaginary fur balls) but because the lead star and the most famous pornstar of all time Linda Lovelace was apparently underage when she filmed this. This is just pure cheese but what do you expect from a vintage porno? It's epic.

Harold Faltermeyer- Love Theme From Thief Of Hearts (From Thief Of Hearts)
Now this isn't really an exploitation film at all. It is an erotic thriller but to be honest, it is the same vein. This film is genuinely a sensual experience and you find yourself wanting to be in this scenario. The song itself is one of those 80's dark, synth numbers that is more haunting than anything else but my god does it have an atmosphere.

Isaac Hayes- Now We're One (From Truck Turner)
Another song lifted from a blacksploitation classic. Isaac wrote the soundtrack and even starred in the film as the lead role. This is a kick ass film and the soundtrack is just as cool. The song picked is genuinely one of the most beautiful and charming love songs I have heard. It's instrumental, has nice guitar and keys and has strings. This is gorgeous, you are going to love it.

Riz Ortolani- Love With Fun (From Cannibal Holocaust)
Who knew that one of the most shocking and gruesome cannibal flicks (if not all time shocking films) carry such a lovely song. In fact, the whole soundtrack seems out of place somehow which just adds another scale of weirdness to the film (the scene where they slice open the giant turtle will always haunt me). The song isn't a love song or from a sex scene but it's still a romantic, somewhat psychedelic song and actually quite cheery.

Unknown- She's Got To Have It (From Deep Throat)
Yes it's another song from Deep Throat. This song is the definition of cheesy. With in your face innuendo lyrics and the cliche' funk sex music that is overly sattired (I don't think that's even the proper word). This is a fun song and you will find yourself clicking your fingers and singing along.

Bonnie Pointer- The Beast In Me (From Heavenly Bodies)
Like Thief Of Hearts, this sin't really an exploitation flick. Well, it could be classed leotardsploitation or workoutsploitation. The song however is yet another genuinely sexy song from the 80's. It's taken from the scene where the leads are undressing each other with their eyes while it keeps cutting back to them making love so I think this totally belongs on this comp.

Dennis Coffey- Sexy (From Black Belt Jones)
The final song on the compilation and like the first, it's only a short and sweet one but unlike the romantic intro, this is one of those funky, sexy jams. Taken from a film that I still need to watch, Black Belt Jones. Great sax on this beast with a bit of dialogue from the film scattered on top. A great way to end a great compilation.

So there you have it. The first in the series of compilations. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I have enjoyed it. Films are a great way to get into good music and I confess, that most of these films, I actually heard the soundtrack first. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for similar compilations just let me know.

Lovesploitation Volume 1


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Oizo Week Day 1

It has finally arrived. It's the Second Coming of Our Lord.... Quentin Dupieux.....
Mr. Oizo! The start of a 5 day celebration of all things French, all things beardy, all things glitch, all things messed up.... why it's the first day of Oizo Week of course! It is long overdue over here in the .acdx camp. So what can we expect this week I hear you say? Well, this post today is an introduction and a review of the brilliant (no don't worry, I am gonna go more in depth) Rubber EP. You can also expect a post with Oizo's story, a post on the brilliant back catalogue of music from his humble beginnings making hip hop electronica all the way through to the fucked up electro we hear today (including the sax samples of course). I will also be talking about the films of Oizo and I will finish off with some of my favourite Oizo tracks and showcase some of my Oizo inspired art. I do hope that this week will run smoother than the DFA Week but I'm gonna try and go all out for this one because Oizo is by far my favourite from the Ed Banger camp (sorry SO ME) and my favourite producers today. So please join me and I hope you enjoy this coming week, wether you are a Oizo fan or you want to try something new.

So what inspired me to have Oizo Week? Well, it's been a long time coming my friends. Mr. Oizo is probably one of my favourite people in the whole world. He is an amazing producer, giving a massive middle finger to conventional dance music and creating his own brand of anti dancefloor yet dancefloor friendly music (work that one out). He is also an amazing film producer and I am looking forward to Rubber (but we will leave the films for another post this week). He is just an amazing person. I just think it is time for me to show my appreciation to someone who has provided me (and still is) with so much entertainment.

Now on to the post! To kick off I am going to review the highly anticipated EP from Mr. Oizo and Gapard Auge (mmmmm what a combo!). We have been waiting for Rubber for a long time. It looks like an amazing film and it looks even more amazing that Dupieux and Auge are on soundtrack duty. The Rubber EP is out soon and I managed to find a copy of it (I am fully intending to buy it so shh!) online and had to listen. The EP contains the tracks Rubber, Polocaust, Tricycle Express and a Flying Lotus remix of the title track. I am guessing Polocaust and Tricycle Express are taken from the full soundtrack, if not, it just shows what we can expect from the full release.

This EP is a great little taster of what's to come. The title track is a signature Oizo number, it has all the things we love about Oizo, it has brass loops, rave sounds, poppy (I mean that in an audible way not a 'pop music' way) beats, crazy editing and great samples. You can hear Gaspard in the beat and the great Justice Sirens taken from Stress. This is a great way to start the EP. It's dirty, it's loud and I expect this to get crowds jumping up and down to whoever plays this in a set. The Flying Lotus remix of Rubber is just as good as the original, it takes the track apart and mashes it up with some signature Lotus traits. The perfect person to remix this song; Flying Lotus we love you. The final two songs are just as good as Rubber. You can hear Gapards talent a lot more in these two. Polocaust is a moody throwback to 70's exploitation soundtracks and actually sounds a lot like Giorgio Moroder in the 21st Century. Something tells me Gaspard is the main producer in this track because it references literally almost of Gaspards influences such as Goblin, Moroder and Space, great job from the best half of Justice. Finally we have Tricycle Express which is amazing just for the fact that the name parodies Kraftwerk and the song itself actually starts like Trans-Europe Express and then kicks in with this awesome distored, deep, low key piano. This is a monster of a track and by the sounds of it, Quentin and Gaspard are both in full force for this track. Overall, this is a great EP. It would make a great release on its own but the fact that we can expect a lot more of this for the whole soundtrack excites me greatly and it should excite you too. As a little treat I have provided you with a song from the EP; Polocaust. Enjoy...

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé- Polocaust

So there you have it, day 1 over. Please join me for the rest of the week as the posts will be a lot better (wow I have written a lot today). I just thought I would share my thoughts on the EP and share with you the song that isn't the best from the EP but the most interesting one. I urge you to download the EP for yourself and buy it when it's released.