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Thursday, 9 July 2009

World Supremecy, Skinny Jeans and Lily Allen's Boobies

Why hello there Sport's Racers!
(Sorry Zefrank, it's too much of a good phrase to keep to yourself)

Today's post is a little bit different from my usual. Today isn't about a designer or some band I want to talk about! Oh no! Today's post is a little bit about me!


So yeah let's begin!

The other day I recieved my new baby! My CoolCat's World Supremecy T Shirt!

Yep that's right I bought the new CoolCats tee. Mega Happy Times! There are only 50 of these printed in this colour and 50 of the yellow version. It only cost me 40 Euros including the shipping cost (Thanks FedEx!) So yeah will not be rocking this tee as much as my other tees because I actually think im in love people!

OK that's over. The next thing I want to talk about are my new skinny red jeansies! I love skinny jeans! Being a fatty and fitting in skinnies is such an amazing thing for me haha! I ordered red skinnies off Topman because I have wanted red skinnies all my fashionable life. Happy Times again!

So now I think I have found my perfect outfit! It's an amazing feeling when shit like this comes together for me ^_^. (You probably don't think this is a big deal but Nigguh Pleaseies!) I would show you a full picture but nah thanks haha.

Jacket- Blue Vintage Bomber Jacket- Most Vintage Shops Sell Them
Tee- Black and White Cool Cats Wolrd Supremecy Tee- CoolCats
Jeans- Red Super Skinny Jeans- Topman
Trainers- Sky Hi 2 Hi-Tops- Puma

Next thing I want to talk about is fantastic shoot of Lily Allen in i-D Magazine. Now this isn't just because we get to see here boobies but because to me, she has a natural nack to modelling. I'm not a massive fan of her music but after seeing her pics and the interview I have to say I didn't realise how gorgeous she is.

Now I could have been a perv and posted the other topless pic but what's the point?
These are my favourites from the shoot because the top one is cute haha ^_^

So there you have it a pintless post from yours truly!