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Monday, 19 April 2010

lcd soundsystem- this is happening review!

Well it sure is nice to be back here. I apologise for the lack of posting on here but I really have been focusing on my youtube account and pondering about what to do with uni. Hopefully, I can get back into a good pace with my blogging. Anyways, over the weekend I discovered that there was a leak of the new lcd LP. So, being the easily excitable music buff, I HAD to download it! Now, many of you know that I have so much love and time for anything to do with James Murphy so this is amazing for me. I thought I would do a track by track review of the album. I have been listening to bits and bobs of the album over the weekend but mostly certain songs have been on reapt so for this review I am going to listen to each track and then write a little piece on each. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce... Lcd Soundsystem- This Is Happening....

1. Dance Yrself Clean

First of all, what an amazing first name for a track! Good start! The song starts off with a nice little percussion loop. James with his quirky lyrics and wonderful kinda in, kinda outta tune harmonies and then a nice little O.M.D sounding synth loop. So far this is a nice little slow song to get you in the happy mood. This continues for a little bit and then the drums kick in and the low sounding synth gets a little deeper and sharper not to mention Murphy's vocals having more of an impact. So this goes on for a few minutes more and slows right back down to end as it started. A great little opener and makes you want more!

2. Drunk Girls

The first single from the album. You have all heard this song anyway. All I need to say is that this is of the same vain of the disco punk feel of North American Scum. Again, Murphys vocals, harmonies and lyrics are on top form.

3. One Touch

We start of with a synth heavy intro that reminds me of a hard hitting synth song from the 70's. We are also treated to the Murphy signature raw drum sound. The deep vocals of Murphy kick in, adding to 70's kraut-robot-pop electro sound... not forgetting the occasional shout from Nancy Whang on certain words. The synth in the background escalating and in away, going out of control. This song reminds me of the music that was floating round on the DFA label from around 2004 to 2006. I hate to say this but this has a Kraftwerk crossed with a hip NY band feel. Awesome stuff.

4. All I Want

Opening with the feedback and the drums and guitar. This song sounds like lcd back on the first album and then after a little bit of feet tapping joy the Bowie style guitar droops over the top making this sound like a future anthem in the making. Murphys vocals are similar to Julian Casablancas' on an early Strokes song. This is a really nice summer sounding chill song. After some lovely vocal work and harmonies a lovely little synth loop kicks in making this sound even more of like an 80's indie kids anthem. A stand out song and one that is destined for a pressing and a sepia tone music video.

5. I Can Change

James has just got weird.... wait he always is. The start sounds like an 80's techno classic with its handclaps and cowbel style percussion (see Man Parrish) and then a bendy synth eases in adding the quirkiness that we love and it just adds to the fact that Murphy can genre blend as well as ever. This sounds like a Depeche Mode demo musically, which by the way, is not a bad thing. We Murphy fans like the almost "yep it's not perfect but it will do" feel. This is the most lcd have sounded like an 80's band. Murphys vocals again are the icing on the cake.

6. You Wanted A Hit

The song actually starts off with some of the sweetest synth work I have heard for a long time. For some reason images of Japanese anime from the 80's period pop in my head, just the mystical sound of it. It's rather haunting. So after your mind has been taken away on a magic cloud ride, the signature raw drums and palm muted guitar kicks in nice and slowly. Already you can tell that this has single written all over it. James's witty lyrics adds to the already amazing song. The pace is just right and every so often the coolest sounding synth stabs hang round in the back and we are treated to a Gang Of Four style scratchy guitar sound. When will this awesome trip end? I don't want it to! It's just nice and simple. It ends how it started, like you where dreaming within a dream. This is definitely one of the best songs on the album.

7. Pow Pow

I have been waiting for this a long fucking time! It's finally here! What am I talking about? Well, this is obviously Losing My Edge part 2! The steady drum pace, the witty and painfully trendy words from Murphy, the 2004 sounding synth sweeps and the bongos. If you liked lcd when they where producing 12's before their first album you will know how special this song is. It's as if this is a song they didn't put on the first album, this is Murphy at his finest. It takes you back to 2004 when you first heard Yeah, Yr Cities A Sucker and Losing my Edge for the first time. This is why you fell in love with lcd. Murphy is thanking you for staying with him these years. When the simple yet bass line kicks in, the song is HERE! The best song on the album by far. If you are a real lcd fan, this is your song!

8. Somebody's Calling Me

It starts off with the simplest piano sounds ever and we get yet another throwback synth to accompany it. The music is cool and spaced out and Murphys voice is too. This is an early hours of the morning song after you have drunk a little bit too much and yr stumbling home clicking yr fingers because you feel invincible. POW! Out of nowhere the most obnoxious synth kicks in for the chorus but you don't care because it adds to the trippy feel of the song. This carries on for a bit and yr drunkern walk home continues... does Murphy want to catch you off guard or butter you up for the next song?

9. Home

I think he just wanted to get you in the mood for this song because after only a few seconds in you know this is the climax that this album deserves. The raw drums, the deep yet sharp bass and the itty bitty guitar riff bring that smile on your face. Then the woodblocks kick in. Next a nice deep synth sound joins the journey and adds warmth. I'm in love already. James you devil! Some heart warming lyrics from Murphy and a funky little synth loop in the background. As the drums get hit harder and the deep synth gets used more the journey is in full force. This is a lovely way to end an amazing album.

So being a die hard lcd fan what do I think? OK, so it doesn't have the dancier tones of the first album or really the sound of the second but that works in it's favour. This album is more mature sounding and actually sounds like lcd would sound like if they start during the late 90's in a loft in New York. It has more character and a deeper feeling to it. Some people will miss the Dance punk elements this album lacks but after only listening to it for a few days this is already rating high in my books. The first album will always be my favourite and the most memorable but this album has some wonderful songs on it and shows how much of great musician and songwriter Murphy is. I highly recommend you go listen to this album for free on the website or if you want to; download it because it's worth a listen. Before you ask, I will not be posting the album up here and yes I will be buying the album upon it's release.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this special moment in modern music. The best stuff I have so far this year.