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Friday, 25 February 2011

Feb Mixtape Project

Well this post is for the disco deviants (come on.... come out... it's OK now) out there. As you probably know I involved in a little project called The Mixtape Project. If you don't, I will provide a few links at the bottom for you to go check it out for yourself.

I don't really feel like being witty today so I'm only really talk a little about the artwork and teh songs. The artwork really has no point or story to it. I like the idea of a disco wolf wioth lasers... that's pretty much it. I wanted to do as little drawing as possible plus I have so much card that needs to be used so I am trying to do more work liek this. I just really had fun with this and almost went into a child like state. Apart from the disco balls that I took photos of... in my own room I may add... there's really no disco imagery... apart from cosmic disco I guess. See I am just one of those artists/ designers who do go down the route of "Because it looks nice... DUH!"

Enough about my part time philosophy and on with the good stuff. Here is the track listing.. same as usual... just a few words on each song:

1. Jacques Renault- In The City
I had to start on a high. I adore this re edit edit of Cousin Ice (the song name escapes me right now and I'm not cheating with discogs lol). Heard this back in maybe 06 on a Jacques Renault DFA Mix... had to include it in the comp because took me a hell of a long time to have this full version when Jacques finally released it last year.

2. Ray Munnings- Funky Nassau
Kicking it up a notch because I want to see you bitches shake dat ass and titties.... what? Nah we can edit that out... sorry boss. I had to include this as a homage to fellow disco deviant... Daniel... you know who you are disco child ;)

3. Riz Ortolani- Do It To Me (Once More)
This is a song that would have been included on my last compilation but couldn't find until recently. Lifted from House By The Edge Of The Park... this is just a great feeling song and the film itself is a must see!

4.The Flying Squad- Trip 1
Now I had to for so many reasons. Not only is it an edit of Munich Machine by the God among mortals... Tim Sweeney but it's also the first song from the amazing RVNG of the NRDS series on RVNG. I had to give a shoutout to the amazing Beats In Space radio show... go listen on itunes now!

5. Curtis Mayfield- Little Child Runnin' Wild
Curtis needed to be included because he is the man... and I wanted some funk on the CD. Taken from the amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing Superfly soundtrack. This has one of the best intros I have heard in a while. Great stuff!

6. Chaz Jankel- Get Yourself Together (Hercules and Love Affair Edit)
One of my favourite musicians and songwriters is Chaz Jankel. The ex Blockheads keyboard player cna still be heard today in some of the nu disko bands... also a heavy influence on Chromeo's sound. Andy Butler does a brillaint job in this edit and just has a great happy feel to it.

7. Lindstrom- Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)
Lindstrom and Todd Terje equals sex. No homo. One of the most talented musicians of recent times being remixed by king of the re edits? Do I need to say more? No, because my fingers hurt now.

8. 40 Thieves- Don't Turn It Off
This would have been teh mighty Greg Wilson edit but it would have been too long to brun on CD with the other songs. The original is still a belter and a great piece of nu disko/ balaeric. Really moody and sexy cover version of Hot Chocolate's smooth and sexy original.

9. Charme- Georgy Porgy
Now this is where you take your lady and you make sweet, erotic love to her. Not interested? The camera put you off? Anyway... needed a love song in this... plus it's being sung by Luther Vandross. It speaks for itself people... now... lower... little lower... yeah that's the spot... OUCH! DON'T BITE!

10. Panthers- Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Remix)
Who knew a rock band like The Panthers could sound so... dancefloor. This amazing Holy Ghost! mix of an already great rock song is just something to be heard to be believed. Sounds as fresh as the first time I heard it.

11. DAS MOTH- Wrong
Don't really know much about thse guys (this guy... woman.... animal) but when I came across this on a blog... had to download the whole single. A really great example of electronic, nu disko, house of the modenr day. Nice sounds and just a great song. The freshest thing I have heard in a while.

12. The Bottom Line- Disco Dobro
I figured I would end the comp ina strange way. There is just somethign weird about this song and I hope it annoys you that this is the last song on the CD.... I feel I need to hearmore when I hear this. Hopefully this will make you yearn for more and go and look for more stuff yourself.

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