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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Free Hugs For All!

No, unfortunately I'm not giving you all hugs, (although I would love to because hugs are awesome!) it's time for another design related post folks!
Today I would like to talk to you about something that has actually really touched me. A few days ago I was on my Myspace and I noticed that Jeremyville (One of my favourite designers and probably one of the best of recent years) had uploaded a new variant of his Always and Forever drawing. So being the intruiged young fellow I am, I had to go check that shit out.
To my amazement I found a whole album of these wonderful drawings. They are very touching and cute. I don't know what the purpous of them is wether they're part of a new project or just more wondeful etchings from Jeremyville's wondeful mind but I had to post about them!

Here are a couple more I want you to see:

Well, I thought I would post this on a Sunday to cheer you all up and brighten your day! Go check out more on his Myspace and Facebook. You should also check out his website to see other wondeful drawings.

Big Hugs!


Jeremyville Myspace

Jeremyville Facebook

His Website


  1. thanks very much .acdx !


  2. wow

    this is some original work "plain and simple" in my term ;)

    i like it :D

    i love the fact that they intercept like a puzzle piece..and im guessing thats where the name come from forever, as there is no one else to fit that spot ;)



    x x