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Monday, 5 October 2009

mmmmmmmm tablets!

Oh yes! I hve finally ordered my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet!
It cost me £174 but I think it's worth it!

Ok, so I shoulda just bought a cheap basic tablet but hey, I have my student loan so I'm supposed to buy stuff like this for my design work! Plus, if you are aware of this product, you know how much more this baby can do!

But if you are not, check out this uber cool promotional video for the tablet:

So yeah, I'm looking forward to getting this so my design work will be a lot better!

Apologies to people who read on my Myspace about what's coming up on the blog, I said the movie reviews where comign yesterday but I got really tired and just slept so they shall be up during the week. I have uni work to do so the blog is taking a backseat in the people carrier that is my life. (Wow! What a metaphor!)

So look out for a review of the tablet when I have had a play and look out for the reviews, I have downloaded all the soundtracks so I can post some songs up too because I love all of... ooo say 3 of my readers?


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