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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Transform A Triangle

I have realised that I haven't done a lot of posts here regarding any of my actual work and just seem to talk about music. So I figured I would post something about a project I got invited to take part in. The group I am talking about is a little group on Facebook by the name of Transform A Triangle which was set up bt a lovely designer by the name of danielleyc. You should really click on the links below to check out her blog and art.

Transform A Triangle is exactly what it says on the tin (I was going to put exactly what it says on the triangle but that would have been Stinking Bishoply cheesy of me). You print off the triangle provided and transform it in whatever way you want as long as it's still a triangle and it's black and white. It is a fun little project to be involved with and you will really surprised how unique the outcome will be if you really just let your creativity flow. I really had fun with this one and for my first submission to anything like this, I am really happy.

So if you have an artistic flair I urge you to at least check out the other submissions and have a go for yourself. Aparently, if all goes well there is talk of a mini zine being produced of all the submissions so that would be awesome :).

Transform A Triangle Group

danielleyc's flickr

danielleyc's blog

Again guys, go check out the group, look at her work and check her blog out. It's all good stuff and you will enjoy.


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