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Monday, 31 January 2011

Exploited Volume 1

Oh fellow bloggers and interested onlookers it sure has been a bloody long while since I posted on here. I think I must be the laziest bloggers in the world. I feel bad, I really do. This should be a labour of love but I keep on letting you down. Well I think this post will soften the blow on your soft, impressionable, tender hearts... or at least I hope it will. I don't like being in the dog house, tis very damp and cold... sub human for even the most feral dog. Excuse that last little tangent and let me continue with the post. Today Iam sharing yet another compilation I made with you guys but this time it's a little bit different. If you stick around, I will explain.

How is this mixtape different Peter? I hear you say. Well, this is different because there is a story for this mixtape. You see, I am currently involved in a little project called The Mixtape Project. I will provide links at teh bottom of the post for you to check out. What you do is you create a mixtape on any theme you wish and actually make the artwork for the CD. When you have finished teh mixtape youpost it to the person you have been put with... and they do the same. Think of Secret Santa but actually not as socially awkward and the chance of being let down. You can also share your design work with the whole group through the flickr group (again, links in the bottom of the post).

For my mixtape I thought I would create a body of songs comprised of various pieces of music from various pieces of horror and exploitation cinema. Suffice to say, this was not your regular listening. Only someone of acquired taste could enjoy listening to this as much as I did watching the films and compiling this CD. Funnily enough when my CD arrived from the person I was allocated (name removed due to legal reasons.... not really but stick with it bro) in the letter I found out that I had somewhat traumatised her.... job done in my book MUAHAHAHA! :p Since I am a little bit deranged.. I did find that highly amusing.

So seeing as it is all sorted out I thought I would share this one with you guys. Uncle Peter (I'm not really your uncle kid, just ignore your mother) is good to you sometimes. I am sure you will either like it or have your brain turned to mush and eaten by cannibals (... maybe I don't mean that metaphorically...). There is a varied selection of songs on this CD. Some funky, dirty, scary and some strangely beautiful pieces. Let me guide you through the tracks:

1. Budy Maglione- NYC Main Title

This is taken from the notorious Cannibal Ferox. The song is funky as hell. Has an arse kicking (I'm not American... I'm posh)bass line, nice brass and some cosmic synth shit in the middle. You know you are for a ride when a theme is as awesome as this... I tried to capture the feeling I got when I heard it the first time. There is a dirtier sounding rip of this song on Youtube that I reconmend... the CD version is too clean.

2. Claudio Simonetti- Nuke Is Over

This song is from the amazingly so bad it's good, baddass (sigh) , cheesefesr that is Warriors Of The Wasteland. This is a typical synthy piece of music from a member of the also amazing band; Goblin. Nothing says B Movie more than piece of music history... one of my favourites off the comp.

3. Dennis Coffey- High On Love

High On Love is a great piece of soul funk and is everything you want it to be. You like Barry White and Luther? Well, hopefully you will appreciate this song. This film is taken from the Video Nasty; Mardi Gras Massacre. I confess, I have yet to see the film but after listening to this and the rest of teh soundtrack... need to get on it like a car bonnet.

4. Roberto Pregadio- Favolosa Festa di Danza

I have no idea what teh song is called or how to pronounce the name (I don't know Scottish you see... wait WHAT!?) but I don't really need to. All I can say is that this is a song that has porno written all over it. Taken from the Ray Lovelock classic; Last House On The Beach. This song will have a massive smile on your face while you shake your backside. Listen to that guitar baby... then we can get some "hot chocolate".... yeah my porn career didn't last long tbf.

5. Curtis Mayfield- Freddie's Dead

Before I go on. Download the soundtrack. You will feel more human and have dreams of driving round NY real slow in a nice Cadillac. This is cool at it's highest. Nice guitars, awesome bass and some damn fine drumming.. oh and THE voice of Curtis Mayfield. Get up and dance jive turkey!

6. Danielle Patucchi- il paese del sesso selvaggio

Again, I have no clue what the title means (I don't mean to be ignorant... I really don't) but wow is this a beautiful piece of music. You would never have thought that this was one of the main songs to a cannibal film. If you are a tame being I suggest watching the film this is from; Deep River Savages. A cannibal film with a gorgeous score and a touching love story of a man trapped in the jungle being accepted into a tribe and falling for beautiful tribe girl (who was actually a girl from a Bruce Forseith show).... only in Italy!

7. Walter Rizzati- Hammer Boss

Only three words describe this song... that bass line. Oh and that piano, that synth, that guitar and those drums. From one of the best films in the world 1990: The Bronx Warriors. Is this heaven?

8. Manfred Hubler & Sigfried Schwab- There is No Satisfaction

I don't know what this film is from because I picked it from a compilation of Jess Franco films songs. It's a bit sleazy which is nothing compared to the actual films of Jess Franco. I almost feel dirty.

9. Franco De Masi- New York One Day (Long)

This dreamy piece of music comes from the amazingly notorious Fulci flick; The New York Ripper (a must see). I could imagine this song being amazing on a dark New York night after having a spliff or too. I adore the sax in this one... and I don't usually like sax.... I said sax... not... oh never mind.

10. Riz Ortolani- Cannibal Holocaust End Titles

I end on oone of my favourite pieces of music of all time from one of my favourite films of all time; Cannibal Holocaust. I am sure you are aware of this film... the realism and the genuine animal violence but apart from that it's a beautifully shot film and if you actually think about it... one of the ebst social commentaries. This song is just as beautiful as the film and actually moves me emotionally. I could listen to this all the time. Words just can't describe...

So there you have it. That's the compilation. In the zip folder you get the whole scans of the artwork for you viewing pleasure. I will also provide a link to all the scans on my flickr page. I hope you guys enjoy this CD as much as I did compiling it. You seriously need to check out the musicians included in this comp and the films that they are from.


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