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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sketchbook Diary

Hey Children Of The Blog!
(A very poor Children Of The Corn satire title I know!)
For the past couple of days I have done something that I have never dared do before. I decided to start a diary. Yeah that doesn't sound all that exciting I know but hear me out. I was almost afraid of starting a diary, the idea of being in a dark place.... getting yourself into a good place.... coming across your diary... reminders of the dark place.... later at some unknown time, feelings and reminders of that time running through your head... yeah you get the picture.
That does sound very melodramatic I know but thanks to the comedy of Larry David, I think about stupid social occasions and reading into the slightest thing.... that little too much. You see, I am not a normal person. No, I'm not the sort that ends up shooting up a school or turning to child pornography. I mean, my brain thinks in silly ways. I would explain it to you but I would get paranoid and probably bore or annoy you to death.
(Ed: Peter seems to have gone off track here, we do apologise. His pills have been administered.)
ANYWAY! Where was I? Oh yes that's right! Diary!. Now I didn't want to be boring have one of those old fashioned text based diaries (DUH! That is so 20th Century!). No, I thought I would have a visual kind of diary. A place where I can draw what I see and feel and such. It might not be an original idea but already it is helping me. It's nice to have somewhere private where you can let even the smallest thing on your mind out. Below I are a couple of pictures of my Little Black Book as it where. I do suggest anyone with a complex brain or an artistic brain do this. It is pretty damn good and it does help.

I would show you some other pages but you are going to have to wait until I am famous and don't care about anything before you get to see what's inside. It's private buddy! OK!?

But seriously, if you don't already do this, I mightily suggest you give it a try, it's like most things to be honest; it's a bit tedious at the start and you feel nervous but just roll with it, it gets better as you go along.

So there you have it!
A little post about something creative for once! On the design front I haven't really done anything apart from little things in my diary, some Youtube videos and some crappy uni work. As a little treat for the people who have made it this far, I have a little song for you!

Hall & Oates- Private Eyes


Oh before I go!
Look out over the next few days for a post about the sketchbooks of Art Spiegelman. Some really interesting stuff.

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