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Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Hello once again Bloggers and Blogettes.
Uncle .acdx is back for another post with some added disco goodness. Today I went to one of my favourite shops ever; Piccadilly Records. I love this shop. It's seriously on par with American Apparel (yeah I don't know if that's spelt right). If you shop in Manchester often, you probably know this shop, you probably know of this shop anyway but if you don't..... go check it out. They have EVERYTHING. I have bought so many good albums, 12's, singles and such from there, most of the stuff you can't find in a mainstream shop.

I digress, please forgive me. So while I was in this fine establishment (wait! I thought you already digressed!?) I picked up a couple of beasts! I want to share one of these fine purchases with you. Today, if you haven't guessed by the picture at the top, I am sharing ZEVOLUTION- ZE Records Re-edited. Now, ikeepforgettin' (check my blog roll for their page) have already posted this amazing album but hey, I want to aswell because I'm all about the good music and design right (psssst... awesome new design related post up soon)! Every song on this album is awesome but my choices are the Greg Wilson, Rub 'n' Tug and Social Disco Club edits. You will love this album and hopefully, like me; go look for the originals and start your quest to find the ZE back catalogue (do I detect a potential post there too?).

VA: ZEVOLUTION: ZE Records Re-Edited


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