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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sketchbook Excerpt #1

Hello guys :)
Hope you all enjoyed the little mixtape I compiled for you in the last post. Expect more compilations on the blog because it's nice to share some of my favourite music with you all. If you haven't checked it out, my last post is definitely worth a read. Anyways, like I said I'm going to be posting on a regular basis from now on. So on with the show...

As you can tell by the title (I'm sure you can read or why wou
ld you be here? lol) I'm going to be sharing different than some music. As you might know, I am a designer. More specifically, an illustrator. Seeing as this is a blog primarily for my design works and ramblings, I thought I would actually do a design related post. This is going to be the first in a series of posts where I share parts of my sketchbook. I love my sketchbooks. I love looking at other peoples sketchbooks. They can tell you a hell of a lot about the designer and it's always interesting to see how people develop their work and how their creative minds work. Before I show you my (rather untidy) sketchbook (which when you look at my work, it's not surprising) I would like to turn your attention to something extremely interesting.... to me at least!

The picture above is of a collection of replicated Art Spiegelman sketchbooks. For you who don't know who he is go look him up. He wrote/ inked a lovely graphic novel called Maus which I highly recommend you illustrators and pop culture fans alike. You can buy both products on Amazon and any major bookshops/ websites. I have to admit that I knew NOTHING AT ALL about Art Spiegelman a few months a go. I was just browing the graphic novel section in Waterstones when I came across the Be A Nose collection. They where sealed in plastic wrapping but as soon as I saw the word "sketchbooks" I HAD to buy it. The rest is history my friends, maybe I shall have to write another blog just on him because I cannot stress how awesome his work is. Anyway, enough of the rambling let's get on with the real reason we are all here... gentleman if you will please follow me to the boardroom..... why is
everyone looking at me?

Basically, the story behind the image is this. These past few days I've been feeling really frustrated/ depressed creatively, not mentally, if that makes sense. I'm sure if you are a creative you will know how frustrating it is in the early part of your career when you are not getting work, you start to question what you're doing... it's quite horrible and crushes the soul lol. So yeah, on the left page it says "Being An Illustrator Is Wank", it's exactly what it says on the tin. The ironic thing is, I was feeling pissed off but in a funny way when I was doing that part because I realised on the next page was an illustration (that I actually like for once). The whole idea that there is such a negative comment right next a cute drawing really did make me laugh so all the negativity vanished. I'm actually proud of the writing, I think there's a potential series or possibly could be my own tagline haha. So yeah there is potential in both pieces for several pieces of work, so let's see how it goes.

Haha wow, I rambled then. I probably bored you to death too right? I dunno I just like sharing little things like that and I hope you enjoyed it too :)


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