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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Uffie- Sex Dreams and Denin Jeans Review

A few weeks back I was searching on HMV and thought I would see when Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans is released. To my surprise and joy I was greeted with picture of the Ltd Edition version of the album to pre order for an awesome £7.99 so I pre ordered it and forgot to check the release date! Roll on Thursday just gone and I get a package in the post, to my delight it's my copy of the album about 4 days before general release! The album was not due until the Monday (being the 14th). So I was happy and it made my shit weekend to come that little bit better. I realise that I have rambled on a lot about something so silly and you are probably wanting the review? The way I'm going to do this is review is give my first impression on the artwork and then give you a track by track review of the album, s
o I am basically writing this as I listen. I will also be making comments on the production of each song basically because on this album we see productions from the likes of God (a.k.a Mr. Oizo). SebastiAn and Feadz, amongst others. So let's begin...

Artwork and Presentation:
If like me you purchased the Ltd. Edition of the album you will be a very happy camper indeed. For those who don't let me explain why. The album itself comes in a denim pocket with the Uffie logo printed in a white font. The denim is a gorgeous dark blue and the stitching is a nice touch. The denim feels nice and the production value of the denim pocket is itself very high. When you pop the button we have the proper album artwork. On the cover we have a gorgeous black and white photo of Uffie wearing a lovely sparkly number, there is a red paint smudge running across her face which is nice and simple. The logo and album title are in a really nice hand drawn scribble style. Open up the CD case a
nd we are greeted to more B&W photos of Uffie and some really nice typography in the same style as the "Wasted German Youth" text. The same is throughout the booklet aswell. Overall, this is a great presentation and a great addition visually to your album collection. Now on to the good stuff...

1. Pop The Glock (Prod. Feadz)
This is the song that probably got everyone into Uffie in the first place. The music has been updated slightly, mainly just more sound effects and a lot more crisper. The lyrics are again one of the things that got people into Uffie in the first place. This song has a great beat and it's good to see it on the album. I don't really need to say anymore because you have most probably heard this song and you what it's all about!
2. Art Of Uff (Prod. Mr. Oizo)
The first song on the album which has the touch of God... I mean Oizo on it. If you know Oizo, this is Oizo doing what he does best, making anti electronic yet still nightclub friendly music. It starts off with this awesome vocal stab, Uffie comes in addressing her haters. A nice synth loop kicks in and then the song kicks in properly. Oizo using the single, deep piano sounds and a simple drum loop. Vocally, Uffie is at her best here. Talking about the art of Uff. This is a great song mainly for the Oizo music, this would be a great instrumental track but overall, a good song, especially towards the end when we hear this nice little distortion thing going left to right in your ears.

3. ADD SUV (feat. Pharrell Williams) (Prod. Mirwais)This is the second single from the album. We are introduced by a cool little synth styled engine noise. Then the song kicks in and in my honest opinion, it sounds like a chart single. It reaks of mainstream and something you might expect from Fools Gold... this isn't a bad thing, in fact it makes for an interesting task for Uffie. Pharrell Williams doing what he does, adds a quirky rap in between verses. There is a cool effect on Uffies voice, especially in the chorus. This is as mainstream as Uffie has ever has sounded.

4. Give It Away (Prod. Feadz)The next Feadz song on the album and one of the newer songs (to me anyway). This is again another pop sounding song. Not the greatest song so far, sounds more like a generic pop/ r&b song. Uffies voice does sound nice though, we seem to have lost some attitude in this song whixh is a nice refreshing change. Feadz doesn't sound like.... Feadz which again is good but not what you expect for an Uffie production. The ending of the song is my favourite part not because it's ending but because the music is picking up a bit. Overall, this is a nice song but it just doesn't feel like Uffie, more like some girl who loves Uffie.
5. MC's Can Kiss (Prod. Mr. Oizo)
You don't need me to even talk about this one. This is an anthem and one of Uffie's greatest, partly because of the genius of Oizo but also because it's the Uffie we know and she has a great flow in this one. Plus who doesn't love the Oizo sax solo at the end!?
6. Difficult (Prod. SebastiAn)
The first (and only) song off the album produced by probably the second most talented producer on the Ed Banger Crew; SebastiAn. Starting off and we are thrown straight into Uffie and a strong piano stab. A few seconds in and the magic of SebastiAn kicks in, we have an awesome drum beat. This seems to be the only high point of this song musically. This is a very tame SebastiAn production but it goes well with Uffies vocals which are top drawer. Nothing much to add on this song, SebastiAn.... good job but was expecting some signature cut and paste.

7. First Love (Prod. Oizo)Another Uffie song that you have heard before. I just love the Oizo signature weird but it works drum sounds and mad skills. The "record sounds like its scratched" loops, the awesome harsh drum sounds, the sampled 80's loops and the parts where he fucks with Uffies vocals. This is awesome, I want to hear the instrumental.... Uffie is being nice and pleasant in this one, which is a nice change. Again no no need to say more because you've heard this already. The editing at the end is fucking amazing, I love you Oizo!
8. Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans (Prod. Miwais)
Mirwais has the job of producing the title track which again is another "American mainstream club" sounding song. The vocals are played with a lot here which makes it sound fake but the music backing is very indie and guitar based. This sounds like a really good Soulwax/ 2manydjs mashup from 2006. Mirwais does a great job and this song makes me want to investigate more.

9. Our Song (Prod. Oizo)God produces again and like always makes an awesome track for Uffie to rap/ sing/ talk over. If you have heard Oizo play around with a guitar based tracks, you will already have a great audio picture in your head. Got a nice steady beat and Uffie is doing what she does best, addressing her haters (which she has a lot of). Words can't describe the epicness of Oizo in this tune. One of the high points.
10. Illusion Of Love (feat. Mattie Safer) (Prod. Mirwais)
Probably the weirdest song off this album, which is saying a hell of a lot. It's a quite spacey, zoned out romance song from a 70's exploitation film. You could not get an Uffie-esque sounding Uffie song ever. It's strangely beautiful but I don't know who Mattie Safer is (I probably do but can't remember) but he does a good job here helping Uffie out while she is working her magic over lovely deep synths and violins.
11. Neuneu (Prod. Mr. Oizo)
The best song off the album for sure! You want to know why? Here is a clue; he is French and he has a beard... which narrows it down to literally every relevant producer in France today.... it's Mr. Oizo of course. Before I ramble let's get Uff out the way first, she is bragging. Now the music... amazing. Oizo you do it again. I don't know what song you sampled but I want to hear it! The production value is out of this world, I can't tell you how amazing it is, Youtube this motherfucker!
12. Brand New Car (Prod. Feadz)
Yet another song that's bee around for a while, I can't be arsed telling you what you already know lol. Awesome track though!

13. Hong Kong Garden (Prod. Mirwais)
The last Mirwais song on here. Really like the guitar edit at the start. Uffie is again on top form. This sounds like she would enjoy doing this song live because of the lalalaing and stuff. The music is really good. The best out of all the Mirwais productions. Would be great at a party.
14. Ricky (Prod. Feadz)
The best Feadz production on the album and probably one of the best Uffie performances. It's hard to describe the sound Feadz is making but it's epic. There's a great beat and the little breaks with the cheesy little synth parts are awesome plus this song has the best Uffie lyric ever; "Oh you're H&M? I'm Paul Smith bitch". Overall, a great song to finish the album off.
So there you have it, a rather lackluster review of the album. Overall, I'm not the biggest Uffie fan, I prefer the music but Uffie is great on this album, my appreciation has risen a lot. If you are an Uffie fan you are going to love this, if you are an Uffie hater you will hate it. If like me you love Oizo, you are going to love it also. The music is definitely the high point of this album. As a whole package, it is great. The denim sleeve is just amazing, the artwork is amazing, Uffie looks and sounds amazing, the production is amazing but what did you expect from Feadz, SebastiAn, Mirwais and of course; Mr. Oizo. Songs that you should listen to our; Pop The Glock, MC's Can Kiss, Difficult, Our Song, Neuneu, Hong Kong Garden and Ricky. Definitely worth a listen overall but some people aren't as nice as me:


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