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Saturday, 27 February 2010

lcd soundsystem NEWS!

A couple of weeks ago I posted some really interesting lcd soundsystem news. Well, a lot has happened in that time; Murphy has announced a tour, cancelled a DJ set and released a couple of new teaser videos:

Exciting stuff yeah?.... Well I have some even better news for you lcd fans (if you don't already know this shit).... THE ALBUM IS FINISHED!

So there you have it folks, just a little bit of filler while I try and post something nice and original. Just throwing ideas around at the moment but I have the idea of doing the old film critic thing and reviewing some of my favourite 70'- 80's cult exploitation films. I want to get in front of the camera and talk about them instead of just typing about them so watch this space.

I have new videos on the youtube for you all:

Have a great weekend!


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