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Thursday, 4 February 2010

DFA Week: DFA Remixes

(Wow, really original choice of picture to kick this post off Pete)

Yes, another late post. Apologies about that friends (yeah, got to apologise to the hundreds of readers..... what!?) but it's really hard blogging at times, you sometimes have the posts in your head but you can't get the info out. Anyways, I digress. Let's get down to it. Aside from having some amazing artists on the label, James and Tim also are the brains behind the infamous "DFA Remix". To me, the DFA remix is more than just changing a song around a bit. It's more than just adding a beat, adding some loops, changing the structure. The DFA Remix more than just turns a song into a floorfiller. James and Tim work their magic. It's hard to describe, it really is. They change the song into more than just a remix, it's as if they have gone back to basics and recorded the song as if it's their own piece. Every remix under the DFA name is completely original but seems to keep an underground 70's disco- experimental vibe. The live drums and gritty bass also seem like a throw back to like I stated in the first post; the disco-punk sound.

Most of the remixes can be found on the DFA Remixes Chapter 1 & 2 which came out in 2006 on 12" and CD format but with differing track listings. Here is the tracklistings of the CD versions:

Chapter 1:
  1. Le Tigre – "Deceptacon" - 6:23
  2. Blues Explosion – "Mars, Arizona" - 10:42
  3. The Chemical Brothers – "The Boxer" - 9:36
  4. Soulwax – "Another Excuse" - 7:58
  5. Radio 4 – "Dance To The Underground" - 9:02
  6. Fischerspooner – "Emerge" - 4:16
  7. Gorillaz – "Dare" - 12:11
  8. Metro Area – "Orange Alert" - 5:41
  9. Hot Chip – "(Just Like We) Breakdown" - 8:32
Chapter 2:

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