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Monday, 22 February 2010

Lake District Post 2- The videos

Yeah I thought for my next post I would talk a little more about my weekend away in the gorgeous Lake District. This post is about some of the videos I recorded of my stay. Now you are gonna watch these and seriously wonder what the hell they mean, allow me to explain. I figured that there must be a whole load of well shot videos of the Lake District and seeing as I am not a professional cameraman (although I was one of the cameramen back in my skating days) I thought I would do something fun and original. Please enjoy the the videos:


The pretentious film maker film. I thought I would record the journey of the stairs in the apartment we where staying at. I just thought it was funny because it almost looked like the viewpoint of a dwarf. Don't ask me why! So, I thought I would put some nice BOC music to it and pay homage to Tim and Eric with the bit at the end.

Silent Hill Lakes #1:

For some reason beyond my reach I thought I would turn some of my videos into a satire/ homage to the brilliant Silent Hill series. This video was originally meant to be a tour video of our apartment along with the lovely (and misty) view. However, looking back at the video, Silent Hill 4: The Room came into mind so what the heck, I did it... and it's generally scary from the feedback of some people. Job Done! This one of a few Silent Hill-esque videos I made.

The Bible!:

This one I just HAD to do from the moment I discovered we had a Bible in our apartment! Some of you who read this blog or know me personally will know that I am an Atheist. Anything like this makes me laugh. I don't mean to offend anyone with my religion videos but come on, it is fun right!? The reason why I slowed it down is because you do not realise how cringe worthy my voice sounded normally in that video!

Satanist Bird Lover:

This video started off as a normal "ooo the lake looks nice today" video. All of a sudden I notice the man near the birds. So I thought how funny and random it would be to film a man near ducks and shit. Little did I know he was a strange man and I seriously don't know if he's talking to the animals or trying to hit them. I added Angel Of Death for comic effect... because I'm witty like that :p.

Leaving Silent Hill:

Another video that came about by accident. Whilst we where driving home I realised how foggy it was at the top of the hill so I generally had a fondness for it and figured it would make a nice video... all of a sudden... a stupid lorry comes and ruins the shot. So yeah this ended up as another Silent Hill video because that's the only way I figured the video would work.

Silent Hill Puzzle:

This was the original Silent Hill video. The paintings reminded me of one of the many puzzles found in all Silent Hill games. Plus, the fact that one of them had no name really made it feel like Silent Hill. This is the first and my favourite of the Silent Hill: Lake District videos I have made.

Comfy Sofa Bed Valentine!:

This is a result of boredom and my affection for the comfiest sofa bed I have slept on! The Valentines middle finger is genuine by the way. I was so depressed on Valentines Day this year, the fact that it was my 21st a few days before just added! So yeah sit on that... in fact why don't you and your other half take turns!........
Only joking!

So there you go folks and folkettes (?). Let me just explain my videos in general. I have a very strange sense of humour and I am heavily influenced by the genius of Tim and Eric so if you like stupid videos you should like these and teh rest of my vids as a matter of fact!


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