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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lake District Birthday Weekend

For my birthday last Thursday I spent the weekend in the lovely town of Bowness which is right next to Windermere in the beautiful Lake District. Initially I was supposed to be there with a couple of my friends but due to the fact that I am so timid that I didn't really want to to anything for my 21st I left everythin untill last minute and they couldn't get the whole weekend off so my mum and her boyfriend joined me instead. As you can tell from the photos above, I wasn't very inspired and I was very off my game photo taking wise! However, I did have a wonderful time in such a beautiful place. The only downside was Valentines Day. Yeah, 21 years old and never had a Valentine.... never had a relationship (yeah this stuff can saved for another time... or post). So as you can imagine, being in such a beautiful place with no one to share it with at a time like that is not fun but that being said, I still really enjoyed the peacefulness and the sights. I could do with that view of the misty lake right now. We didn't really venture out that much because we all just wanted to chill. Our apartment was gorgeous and uber cosy! I also recorded some video that's on my Youtube right now. It's not what you think but I hope you will find teh funny side!

So yeah, not really posted for a while so I thought I would share that with my small audience (I love you all by the way).


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