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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Why I chose Christianity video

I hope you liked the DFA posts even though it wasn't really a weeks worth of DFA posts but more like DFA posts.... yeah I don't know what lol. I will probably do one more DFA post over the next couple of days about what my 10 favourite songs are from the DFA back catalogue. So apologies for that!

Anyway as you can see, I have a new video on my youtube account. Let me just say first off, do not take this video seriously. I am not Christian, I am an Atheist. I'm not attacking anyone in this video. It's more of a satire. So there.

This was such a seriously pointless post but hey, I am a pointless piece of flesh haha.

So enjoy the video, I know that most Christians do not follow the old testament so I'm not a clueless gimp lol.

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