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Monday, 7 December 2009


2010 should hopefully be an exciting year for anotherclicheddesigner and especially the blog.

I have recently become aware of AdSense and I am really thinking about putting this on my blog. It makes sense to me that I can make myself a little bit of money from this but is it really worth me putting this on the blog?

Aside from that 2010 will finally see get a paypal account. This is so people can donate and so I can start to make money from my talent.... you did know I was a Graphic Designer right?

Before anyone complains that I am a scab because I am proposing I use AdSense and donations but hear me out! Money I would make from this blog and my work would obviously go into design tools, potential money for maintaining a website, DVD's and CD's for reviewing pupouses and general stuff like that.

So 2010 should hopefully be a good year for me and anyone who follows and reads the blog.

So it would be nice to hear your thoughts on this. Am I being a scab? Am I being greedy? Do you think it's a good idea? Remember, your thoughts are always well recieved.


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