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Friday, 11 December 2009

MC's Can Kiss

OK not really an original post but basically a re post from Busy P over on the Cool Cats blog (check the links on the side to check out the blog.... I cannot be bothered to do the HTML haha).

Yep, it's a new Uffie song. I think it's from the new album coming up? Anyway, I like Uffie but it's not really for her lyrics. This song is produced by my personal favourite from the Ed Banger family, Mr. Oizo. I think he and Feadz (and SebastiAn on the new album) make the songs listenable but don't get me wrong, I think Uffie is bad ass and cool as fuck. She has great fashion sense, she is super hot and I respect what she is doing. This song is one of my favourites by Uffie but maybe that's because this year has been a very Oizo worshiping one for me.

I look forward to hearing the remixes by Zombie Disco Squad and Starkey and for the whole album.

As a gift I will show you why Oizo makes Uffie that bit special for my ears:

Mr. Oizo- Steroids (featuring Uffie) (Mr. Oizo Remix)


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