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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Errorsmith- Near Disco Dawn (Live Recordings 2001- 2003)

We finally come to last (and possibly my favourite) Errorsmith album.

This is a selection of live Errorsmith recordings which, for me just showcase Errorsmith's talent. On this album is a song that you club goers will have heard! In A Sweat! All the major DJ's in the business have played this beauty of a song, most famously it appears on Boys Noize's Bugged Out! Mix CD.

Here is the press release:

The third errorsmith release contains a selection of live recordings made between 2001 and 2003 in various clubs and concert venues like Ulraschall in Munich, WMF in Berlin or Empty Bottle in Chicago. Most of the tracks on this album are interpretations of classic disco and r'n b songs. Digitally synthesized, distorted and filtered clubmusic which goes far beyond its origin. Less abstract and much more dancefloor compatible than the two previous errorsmith releases this album relates closely to stuff from smith n hack and mmm, projects which errorsmith is part of as well.

The live sets were played on a laptop with a selfbuild digital live tool, a combination of a simple sequencer and a synthesizer. Errorsmith uses this tool to manipulate both the rhythmical pattern and the triggered sounds in realtime. With a huge degree of freedom in playing his instrument, two gigs were'nt the same and a gig had its highs and lows. How different a track could be played out, can be heard on the two versions of "Near disco dawn" and "In a sweat". Initially planned to be released as studio versions, errorsmith decided to keep the rawness, incompleteness and live feeling of the concert recordings.

Like I said, if you want a great collection of improvised electronic genius, this is perfect for you and it really shows you how talented this guy is!

Errorsmith- Near Disco Dawn

I hope you enjoy all these albums!


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