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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Utopia Me Giorgio

I think everyone has heard a Giorgio Moroder song even if they do not know who he is. For those who know who Moroder chances are, they rate him as one of their favourite artists. Moroder has 3 Grammys under his belt as well as a ton of soundtracks (including Scarface, Cat People, Midnight Express and American Gigolo), some great original albums (including Knights In White Satin, E=MC2 and From Here To Eternity), an Olympic Anthem and has collaborated with some great artists (including Bowie, Blondie, Donna Summer and Phil Oakey).

I won't bore you with all the details of his life so go check out wikipedia for the actual biography. This post is more of a tribute to one of my favourite artists (who incidently I only became aware of the past couple of years) and a big inspiration to me towards my woeful attempt at electronic music. Not only does he have all this talent... he also has a fucking killer moustache! I don't think I have come across a Moroder production that I didn't at least like. He has this amazing body of music and there no songs that you want to skip.

As you can see from the picture above, my favourite Moroder album is Knights In White Satin. It's a dreamy disco album that just flows and it's so suave and back in the day, I could imagine this album causing a lot of children to be born (if you know what I mean right? right?). Saying that though, even though disco/ funk music seems to have an aged and cheesy image (thanks to the walking adverts of Topman we call today's youth) this album still sounds quite fresh and relevant to me. Although this is my favourite album, my favourite Moroder song is a toss up of What A Night from E=MC2 or one of his most popular songs, Chase from the Midnight Express soundtrack.

I literally could watch that video 100 times over. It just oozes cool! As a treat for you guys (and a sort of introduction to Moroder's music for all you newbies) I have compiled a list of 5 of my favourite songs related to Moroder and given you a brief review of each one:

Giorgio Moroder- What A Night
Taken from The E=MC2 album. This song just for some reason reminds me of a guy walking on the strip in his white suit and aviator shades drenched in the lights of the disco clubs on a cool summer night looking for love. Yeah that translates to this song being (pardon my French) Cool as fuck!

Giorgio Moroder- Chase
Taken from the Midnight Express soundtrack. There is something strange and cosmic about this song for me. Every time I listen to it, it just gives me a weird dreamy feeling and I go on a cosmic journey. Ok, it's not the most trippy song ever but maybe it's just me. Either way, this is an amazing song, it has a good flow and the synths sound amazing. Look out over the web or Hype Machine for the Vitallic remix of this classic.

Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakley- Together in Electric Dreams (Extended Version)
Taken from 12" I'm guessing. This is the song your mum and dad know. If you are a fan of mainstream 80's music you will already know this song. It's a classic. Need I say more?

Giorgio Moroder- Sooner Or Later
Taken from Knights In White Satin. This is typical 70's sexed up funk. A great piano steers you through the song and Giorgio's gruff and whispered voice seduces you (I hope if you are a girl!) and keeps you hooked. The whole album is amazing and this is just a small piece of the greatness.

Giorgio Morder & Paul Engermann- Push It To The Limit (12" Promo mix)
This is taken from the Scarface soundtrack but this version is the 12" promo mix. Push It To The Limit was probably the first Moroder song I ever heard and if you are a fellow gamer, you will know why. This along with most of the Scarface soundtrack appeared on the amazing Grand Theft Auto 3. I love this song and I have loved it since I first heard it. Thanks to my Uncle TNUC (look in the links to the right for his amazing blog) I became aware of this version. Amazing synth sequences and that stupidly awesome heavy guitar solo midway through makes this a must listen!

So there you have it. I just thought I would post a little tribute to one of my heroes. If you like the songs or are just curious anyway, get in touch with me and I can send you most of Moroder's albums because I am a Moroder fan boy!

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the tunes


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