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Monday, 7 December 2009

New Designs- 7th December 2009

I seem to have strayed a little in my posts over the past few days but as you've guessed this blog is a bit of everything. So as you guessed from the title I have some new designs to share with you all (I actually do not know how many people actually read this rubbish)! So without further or do let's go!

This first piece is a little gift for my friend, Gabriel Maroner a.k.a Gabrielmister a.k.a 480000000000. I posted about this beautiful bastard before but to recap Gabriel is a musician who specialises in IDM. Without Gabriel I would not have the vast music library I have today. I have learnt a lot from this guy plus he is just a great friend and his music is awesome as hell!

The design in question is actually a still from a video that both Gabriel and I actually hurt ourselves laughing to. If you are aware of Mega64 you will know funny Rocco is.

Here is the video that this still is from:

So yeah that was just a joke that actually I am pretty proud of to be honest! You should go give Gabriel some Myspace love and check out Mega64 on Youtubezzzzzzz.

My second design is yet another gift for a friend who admitedly, I have only just "met" but I have to say we are rather close! Her name is Barbara and she makes gorgeous music under the name of Oh That's Splendid! Plus between you and me.... she's really cute.

I really am proud of this piece (even though it's not the usual for me I have to say) because I really like how the font came out plus who doesn't like unicorns!? If you don't.... then you don't have a soul! So you guys should go check her myspackle and give her some love!

Well that is all on the design front for now, look out for more design posts when I do more designs... obviously! For the bigger versions of the designs in this post and for ALL my design work head over to my myspackle and add me as a buddy!

To see us out on this post I present to you:

The Alan Parson's Project- Mammagamma


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