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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Favourite Computer Game Characters EVER!

Yeah there are a lot of *Best Of 2009* posts right about now. Whether it be best albums, best songs, best blogs... blah... blah... blah I thought I would do something different. I will be doing an uber big best of 2009 post just before the year ends but this is going to be a bit of a different post. As you can see from the title..... I am going to share my 5 favourite computer game characters ever. Why am I picking the best of all time and not of the year? Well for me, Christmas always reminds me of my childhood and getting brand new computer games. Yeah the geek glasses and giant stomach is showing now, let's begin:

1. Solid Snake

I love, love, love Solid Snake. Ever since I first played a Metal Gear game (Sons Of Liberty.. I know, pretty late in the series huh?), I fell in love with his attitude and hey, he looks cool as fuck! I actually loved the fact he's a charcter in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. He smokes, he has a beard and he still kicks ass when he's old... need I say more?

2. Cartoon Link

How can you not love Cartoon Link? Link himself is an amazing character in every game but my favourite reincarnation of Link is from The Wind Waker. Cell shading itself is a great visual theme but when they mixed it with Link, they where on to a winner. He's cute, he has musical instruments as main items and how nice is the green tunic and blonde locks? That's a mifght fine outfit haha.

3. Fox McCloud

For me, Fox McCloud and the Starfox saga itself are very underated in the gaming community. Lylat 64 is what had me though. He just oozes cool. A fox! A fucking fox! How amazing is that!? It's unexplainable but I just love Fox McCloud. He has a great costume, he's a fox that flies a Space Ship and he's a great leader haha.

4. Goemon

My first experience with Goemon was when I was a wee lad with my SNES. I got given an imported version of Mystical Ninja and I was hooked when I first played it. It's like Link, he's just a character you can warm to. He uses a pipe as a weapon and has blue hair! My favourite Goemon moment is Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on the N64. It's one of my favourite games. I grew up with him, I love Japanese characters.... I love Goemon!

5. Pyramid Head

This guy needs no introduction. How can you not love this disturbing son of a bitch!? He is the face of Silent Hill I suppose. Just the whole idea of him just pleases me and the stories and symbolism people come up with for him really appeal to me. He catches your imagination, he haunts your dreams and he is just a fucker haha. He's great to look at and think about and he is representing all the characters/ monsters from the Silent Hill series.

So now you know I am a pure geek! In my defense though, I grew up playing some great games. It's nice to go back to the classics, lose yourself and think of the times when you played your old consoles with your cousin... Ok that's just my memory! I don't think I would last if I didn't have computer games in my life. Thank you Nintendo for being my favourite games company!

I might do a top 5 games post soon... hmmmmmm *ponders*


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