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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Errorsmith #1

Now some of you may of heard of Errorsmith. If you weren't aware of his music you will have heard his collaboration with Oizo on Lambs Anger and obviously In A Sweat from a Boys Noise or any major DJ's sets. If not these next few posts will be a real eye opener for you all. If you are aware of Errorsmith's music in all forms whether it be Errorsmith, MMM, Smith n Hack..... you again will be in for a treat.

As like me, you will probably have struggled your arse off to find the digital rips (because they're only available in vinyl form). But thankfully to the Shore Lark blog a few months back I found 3 of his albums.

In this first vinyl, I think you will agree that this album is like a catalogue of Smith's production skills. If you are expecting a party album to dance to I don't think this release will appeal to you but if like me you have an interest in what's possible with electronic music this is a fucking treat!

So here I present you the first Errorsmith album:

Errorsmith 1

One last thing. Please if you enjoy this or any albums or songs I post please support the artist in question. When I get into some money I shall be making purchases!


1 comment:

  1. Hello
    Please can you reupload this one, i want it so much but can't find it anywhere else.
    Thank you.