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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Welcome To The Videodrome: Cobra

Continuing with the Stallone theme. The next film for review is the 1986 Stallone action fest, Cobra.

Marion Cobretti aka "the Cobra", a police officer from a division of the police known as the “Zombie Squad”, is called into a hostage situation at a grocery store when negotiations fail. Cobretti kills the gunman, but before his death the criminal mumbles of a "New Order": a group of supremacists who believe in killing the weak and leaving only the strongest and themselves to live and rule the world.

When the bodies were taken out of the supermarket, Cobretti is admonished by Detective Monte for his seeming disregard for police procedures and protocols. At the time, what was not known is that the supermarket event is connected to a string of recent and seemingly unconnected acts of violence and murder that have broken loose in Los Angeles perpetrated by the same supremacist group referred by the supermarket gunman.

After witnessing several individuals including the "Night Slasher" (the Order's leader) at the scene of one of the murders late at night, Ingrid Knudsen becomes the target of the group because she was the only living witness to their crimes. After one attempt on her life, she is placed under the protective custody of Cobretti and his partner, Sergeant Gonzales . After several attempts were made on their lives by various individuals, Cobretti theorizes that there is an army of killers operating with the same M.O., but his suggestion was rebuffed by his superiors. The police department decided it would be safest that they relocate from the city.

Cobretti becomes romantically involved with Ingrid shortly after venturing out into the countryside, but one of the Order's leaders (who is a police officer traveling alongside the Cobretti) reveals the location of their whereabouts — despite Cobretti's suspicions and mistrust of the said officer, he does nothing and stayed the night in a motel.

The Order moves in at dawn and besieges the small town that they were staying. With barely enough time to react, the attackers stormed the motel room Cobretti is in with Ingrid, wounding Gonzales in the process. Killing several members but with more swarming into the town, Cobretti and Ingrid escape in a Dodge Ram pick-up truck. After the truck becomes severely damaged, the two bailed out on foot into a lemon grove and escape into a nearby factory.

Cobretti had most of the Order killed or disabled by at this point, but there were still a few members that followed them into the building. After eliminating every member aside from the Night Slasher himself, Cobretti and the leader ultimately engage in a deadly hand-to-hand duel inside the steel mill, ending with the Order's leader being impaled in the back by a large roaming hook and burned alive by Cobretti.

In the aftermath, Cobretti's department has arrived and begun clean-up of the town, giving medical aid to Gonzales — the Order is all but eliminated. Detective Monte appears apologetic but confronts Cobretti again about his lack of regard to police protocols. Cobretti punched Monte out and the ending credits begin with Cobretti and Ingrid climbing onto one of the many motorcycles left by the Order and riding away.

I fucking love this film! It's got Stallone playing a bad ass but with an actually funny sense of humour, it's got some killer action in it, it has the amazing car chase, it has Bridgette Nielsen when she was hot, it has an amazing score (see a trend already with film reviews?) and a super hot ending.... no pun intended.

This is a must for anyone who is a fan of good 80's action films. If you are a Stallone fan, chances are this film rates as one of his best. I can safely say for an 80's action flick, the cheese factor is turned down to a minimun. The romance is actually fun to watch, the humour is well done, especially Stallone's one liners, the action is kick ass and it has an extremely good story to it. You will find yourself watching this film a few times.

The soundtrack itself is a totally whole different level of awesomeness. The soundtrack is a must download because I can't find a fault with any of the songs... even the song that didn't make it for the film but made it's way to the game (which, due to the time restraints does not have boss at the end of the game, it just loops) is great. To finish up this review I have selected my favourite tunes from the film for yr pleasure:

Gary Whright- Hold On To Your Vision

Jean Beauvoir- Feel The Heat

Silvester Levay- Skyline

Silvester Levay- Chase


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