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Sunday, 17 January 2010

.acdx loves Benni!

(Note: that kinda sounds gay from the title but bare with me)

Ladies and gentleman I present to you a close friend of mine; Benni. Benni is no stranger to my blog. For those of you who are aware, Benni is part of the PartyOrDie team. Aside from having a great taste in music and style, Benni also has creative talents! Not only is Benni an up and coming DJ on the (local house) party scene but he is also a nice little designer. OK, he might not be a big DJ but he definitely has the talent (judging from various stickam DJ sets and mixtapes) and I bet you he will doing some small clubs, if not more, by the end of this year.

That stuff is for another post. This post is dedicated to his other talent; design. Benni has only been designing for a small amount of time really but already he has designed some awesome pieces.

As you can see from the pieces I am showing in this post, Benni has already shown a wide range of styles. His work takes a lot of inspiration from jeremyville, to SO ME via Gapirator and lots of other great talents in between. I'm really excited by Benni's work because I know from experience when you first start out on your path to design stardom you try experimenting with different styles and if from what i have seen so far, when he eventually finds his style, you know it's going to be super!

I get excited whenever I get to see Benni's designs in progress because I know whatever he is producing, it is going to be a fun and interesting design. I hope you like some of the work I have put on show here and I would appreciate (and I'm sure he will be thankful) it if you would check out more of his work on his myspace page. For all of you who like good music, Benni has recently announced that PartyOrDie will be producing podcasts soon of all the best music from each week, so look out for more information on the PartyOrDie blog (in my blogroll).



1 comment:

  1. oh man!
    this is shweeeet, i actually dont know what to say'
    i very well appreciate for mentioning/posting about me on your blog!

    thanks peter!!!!

    Benni. x