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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Update! 11/01/2010

Hey gang!... What!? That's cheesy now!? Jeeeeez!

Ha ha I did a funny. It always helps to open up with a joke! Well, apart from a funeral service but yeah. So this post is really just a little bit of an update about the world of .acdx

To kick things off, I now have a Youtube account. There are no videos up there yet and probably won't be for a few weeks as I do not have a camera. I might make a quick intro video with the camera on my Macbook but I won't be starting properly until I get my i Phone. The channel will be full of videos of me just speaking my mind on certain subjects, probably some outdoor-esque vlogging, design videos... etc... etc. So I will post here when that is underway!

Another thing is about current projects in the works. I am currently designing my first T-shirt. I still need to find some good printers and stuff so again, more info nearer the time. I am in the middle of designing my website with my friend Adam (who is kindly building me a website for free for his uni project, thank you Adam!) so when that is coming together I will post some screenshots of work so far. Finally, I am currently in talks with my friend Natalie from California about joining her fashion blog she will be setting up with some of her hot Cali friends! Hopefully my good chum Benni from PartyOrDie will be on board too!

On a personal level, not the happiest I have been but I am already happier than I was last year, I am seeing friends more often so it's all good but the bummer for me is that I am back at Uni next week so let's hope that stuff does not affect the good stuff!

So yes, just thought I would update the blog. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog. It isn't much now I know but hopefully the time you waste here is gonna be worth it soon!

Thanks again,

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  1. I wanted to comment. I read the article earlier and didn't comment but coming back to look, there are the most hilarious adverts on the side bar.

    "HOSTGATOR.COM" with a bloody alligator chewing on something. hahaha. I'm sorry. haha