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Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Rapture- Sister Saviour (2004)

Just a quick post. I was trying to get to sleep (yeah, I figured an early night was in order) so I was listening to my i pod as I do every night before sleepies. I was just chilling listening to some good old Bibio (that's surely a post to be) and then all of a sudden the amazing DFA dub (NOW THAT IS A POST I'M ACTUALLY PREPARING PROPERLY) of this already amazing song kicked in. For those who haven't guessed, I am talking about my personal favourite Rapture song; Sister Saviour. So I remembered that I came across the CDM of this song on another blog. I thought I would share with you this amazing single. We have the radio edit (which as far as radio edits of songs go... this is a good one), we have the Black Strobe Remix (that shit is hot!), the Tiefschwarz Secret Sister Remix (Not had to chance to listen to this the whole way through but a definite listen!) and the DFA Dub and DFA Vocal Remixes (which just fucking blow my mind, if there was a God, I'm sure James Murphy would be him.... and Tim of course!). Altogether this is an amazing single for when The Rapture where not singing about Ben's sex life (oooo that's a good reference!). So please enjoy this amazing piece of music history.

The Rapture- Sister Saviour CDM


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