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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sucer DANSER!!!

Hello blog!
Not really posted anything of great interest the past couple of days so I thought I would post about me. More to the point, my music. I go by the name of SucerDanser (yes, named after the Oizo song). I have recorded music before under the name of Audio Smut but I hate that name. The music I make may not be music to some, if not a lot of people. My influences range from the analogue sounds of the late 70's, the heavy synth based music of the 80's (especially round the year 1984), the strangeness of Oizo and the rawness of artists such as Venetian Snares and Errorsmith.

My setup is actually rather simple. All I have is a Korg Micro X and Garage Band. Although, the sounds on Garage Band are always heavily manipulated and edited so that it loses the stock sound. I have come up with some interesting sequences and effects through my experimentation. All the music recorded is improvised so it's almost a really rough sounding piece when it's finished but I'm not looking to be a big ass producer. I am really interested in different sounds and how far you can push the limits of electronic music.

Below is a video of one of my improv pieces. I have received good feedback about this. Benni also pointed out that it similar to Oizo and Errorsmith's Erreur Jean which actually made me smile a lot!

I am also presenting to you a recorded version of another improv which features similar sounds and a few really exciting sounds that I hope you enjoy:

SucerDanser- ssssss

So like I said, it's nothing amazing and I'm not gonna change the face of music but I like it, this stuff is just another path that I'm cautiously walking along in my life. So feel free to give me your opinion and check out my Youtube account, I have to say there is some good stuff!


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