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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Topman Selling Leggings For Boys!?

Hey fellow people of the blogasphere (OK two things, I don't know if that is the right spelling and secondly, it seems that only a select few read this, most notably; Ollie! So thank you miss!). I just thought I would share something interesting with you. Now many of you may already know of what I am going to talk about but it's just another reason why I personally cannot stand Topman! OK I will admit, Topman is good for jeans and accessories (even some rather nice suits but we shall forget about that because I am fat. Therefore, I look horrible in suits). I don't like the new trends popping up there, I don't like the *kooky* t- shirts and sweaters they sell and I seriously cannot stand most of the people I see shopping/ working there. You might not agree with me here but I think Topman is not only a boring shop for the fashionably ignorant (the sort of people who buy clothes to fit in and what not) but I personally think it has become a parody of itself! However, I digress so let me get to my point:

Observe the picture above. Yes they might look like a harmless pair of trousers but they hold a dark secret. They are in fact as the title suggest. men's knitted leggings! You might be thinking *Peter! You're making a big deal! They look fine to me!* That may very well be the case but upon closer inspection (I just had to show my friends these when we where shopping last week) they are foul. Seriously. I might be one to talk because I wear Topman's Spray On Skinny Jeans and they are kinda like jeggins (I think that's the name for jean leggings lol) but they still are jeans and not leggings!

Items like this do make me wonder. Where is fashion going? Are we slowly drifting towards the silly side of fashion? Am I just making a big fuss over nothing? The idea of men's leggings as fashion annoys me. Don't get me wrong, you wear what you want. I just feel that this is a stupid idea. I do however see a good side to this. It shows not only a fashionable but social change. We are becoming more liberal with our ideas and our taste.

I could have read too much into a piece of clothing but think about it. We have already had a movement of metrosexuality. We are now seeming to have a more effeminate social change.

Interesting times indeed Captain Kirk, interesting times indeed!

That is all, fashion theory is dismissed for this post so listen to this song as a treat for having to listen to me talk about a pair of mens leggings.


Jackpot- Jungle Gym


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  2. Topmans product quality often sucks.

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